Not all of my projects are listed in the menu on the left, this is where you can get a little bit more information about all of my projects as well as access to the projects that are not listed.


  • Christmas Tree

    During the Christmas season UAT put a Christmas tree in the commons area which is where all of the computers are located, where it is visible throughout most of the schools ground floor. A group of students modified the Christmas tree to be accessible from the internet using a BASIC Stamp and a PINK. After the modification the Christmas tree was able to be turned on or off from the web.

  • LED Whiteboard

    The idea was brought up at UAT to have a backlit 'whiteboard' which would allow students to post their ideas, drawings and other thoughts. The project was eventually changed so that it would be LED backlit in a grid. We used blue LED's in a 8 by 26 grid. We then also wrote the code for an SX28 microprocessor to have the LED wall play the game of life.

  • Near Space

    Professor Ryan Clarke had seen a presentation by L. Paul Verhage at Parallax about Near Space balloons. Ryan had always wanted to launch a near space balloon and created a special topics class at UAT to do so. He selected 15 students to be part of the class, with the goal of getting a payload of 12 pounds up to at least 90,000 ft. It was a great success, our first balloon hit 92,999 ft. Our second balloon was successfully launched and retrieved!

  • Miscellaneous

    These are the projects that were done for classes and or are not as big as the ones above. This includes many pieces of sample code that I have written along with descriptions of what they do.


There are a variety of projects that are not documented on this site, however they are available from my Github profile.

More information

If you would like more information about any other projects that may not be listed here, or about any projects listed here please feel free to contact me.