About Me

I am a highly motivated individual with a passion for all technology. Specifically interested in software engineering for UNIX like platforms and designing hardware and electrical engineering I've spent many hours learning new tools, toying with ideas and perfecting my craft. I enjoy working with open source software and writing my own software. I have been part of many successful projects at UAT, and have been working on many of my own. I have participated in various open source projects by providing patches.

I am from the Netherlands, and as such bring a unique perspective to any team. Having lived in and travelled to many different countries I am very open to new cultures and ideas and would be an absolutely fantastic asset to your company and team.


Graduated from the University of Advancing Technology in December 2009 with a Software Engineering degree. I currently hold a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering.


I participate in various clubs and groups around the university and am active in the network security scene, having gone to both Black Hat and DEF CON. I also enjoy going to the lesser known network security conferences such as Toorcon, and AZSPF. I have also participated in local hacker groups such as Heatsync Labs, and also really enjoy Maker Faire.